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Wild West Wine Bar

Imagine yourself in Fort Stockton’s adobe Grey Mule Saloon, around 1894. Sidle up to the bar and order a shot of whiskey, but keep an…
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Slow and Steady

A busy work week behind us, my husband and I headed west from Fort Worth late on a Friday afternoon for a relaxing weekend of…
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The Beer from Out Here

Although craft beer-making has flourished in Texas for decades now, the Big Bend region has been slow to benefit, only recently welcoming the arrival of…
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When dinosaurs (and mammoths) roamed

Curved tusks jut out of red sandy soil. Massive bones scatter around them in the prehistoric burial ground. These are the remains of Columbian mammoths,…
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An Eyeful of Industry

If you’ve ever driven across the Sidney Sherman Bridge in East Houston, you’ve likely taken notice of the incredible sweeping views of the Houston Ship…
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Cuisine Confidential: Stephan Pyles

“I spent a good part of my adolescence at the truck stop café, spending time with Tammy Wynette on the jukebox and gum-smacking waitresses, the…
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It’s a Keeper

While the Texas Hill Country and the Panhandle have grown popular for wine touring, I’m here to make a case for a culinary-viticulture escape to…
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Tell Us Your Tops: Comfort Food

Everybody has a favorite comfort food, and we want to know yours.
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Texas Top 40 Travel Destinations

Last fall, we asked Texas Highways readers to share their favorite places in the state for our Texas Top-40 Travel Destinations. And share you did—by…
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