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Signs of the Times

In planning my maiden voyage to the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, I have the good sense to enlist my friend Sherry to…
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Too Hot to Trot

Calling all brave fitness enthusiasts – the 35th annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred, one of the longest single-day bicycle rides in the world, returns to Wichita…
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By the Light of the Moon

Beneath fading early evening light, I slip across glassy water over the reflections of large cypress and pecan trees along the bank. Swallows swoop fearlessly…
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Cuisine Confidential: Carolyn Wenglar

You’ll find few bar owners as energetic and resourceful as Carolyn Wenglar, proprietor of Houston’s La Carafe and Warren’s Inn downtown. Vivacious and looking much…
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Set Sayles for Abilene

Making plans to see a friend’s art gallery show in downtown Abilene, I pounced on the opportunity to make it a weekend trip. That way,…
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Folk Champions

There are things you expect to discover when you travel: new restaurants, unfamiliar expressions, off road attractions. I like to search out people’s stories. Some…
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Hey Boo Boo!

When I was a kid growing up in the Midwest, my family vacations were mainly of the s’mores-and-sleeping-bags variety.
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They Know Their Dough

Regulars who make the drive out to Pieous, a pizzeria and bakery on the western outskirts of Austin, know to expect a line; it’s part…
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With a Butter Knife and a Ball-Peen Hammer

The neighborhood kids called Felix Harris “the Voodoo Man” because his front yard was full of eerie poles he brought to life using broken and…
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El Paso, Naturally

El Paso, the state’s westernmost and perhaps most historic urban center, has served as a crossroads of the Americas for more than four centuries. The…
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The Ice Age

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and the rows of picnic tables are quickly filling up outside at Houston’s West Alabama Ice House. Inside, regulars settle into…
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Comfort in a Cup

I’m raising a petite chocoholic. If I allowed it, my five-year-old would feast on chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve tried to encourage a…
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Piece of My Heart

This summer marks 50 years since a 23-year-old from Port Arthur moved to San Francisco to become a pioneering female rock star. Before she joined…
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Summer's Greatest Hits

We’ve shared suggestions in the past years to help you make the best of your summer. As we introduce new ideas, know that the old…
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Your Vote: Main Street Destinations

Tell us your favorite main drag in the state, whether it’s along a quaint courthouse square or within a buzzing cityscape. (“Main” does not have…
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