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For the Road: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

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By Lauren Oakley


Sporting poodle skirts and saddle shoes, and occasionally demonstrating their Hula-hoop finesse, the four members of the oldies group Shake Rattle & Roll take audiences back to the ’50s and ’60s with their spirited rock-n-roll and doo-wop melodies. Lead singer Tavie Spivey of Gilmer created Shake Rattle & Roll—an all-women cover group—to perform at a party a few years ago. The performance was a blast for the group and received so many accolades that Spivey put together a regular line-up: herself, her sister LeAnne Bemis from Longview, Kathy Sutton from Tyler, and Brenda Spencer from Henderson. “Once I heard these ladies sing, I knew right off the bat that they had the voices for Shake Rattle & Roll,” Spivey says.


In November 2007, the group competed in an amateur doo-wop contest in Las Vegas. Their performance of the 1957 hit by The Rays, “Silhouettes on the Shade,” earned them first place, and today, XM radio subscribers can hear the song on the Cool Bobby B Show. The group has more than 50 performances scheduled in the next year, and they’re even working on a CD.


Shake Rattle & Roll will perform at the State Fair of Texas on September 27 and October 18. Along with their big hit, they’ll perform such classic cover tunes as “Lollipop” by The Chordettes, “Lipstick On Your Collar” by Connie Francis, and “Soldier Boy” by The Shirelles.


To see Shake Rattle & Roll’s scheduled performances and times for 2008-2009, check out


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