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Perfected Quencher

Written by , published June 12, 2008

Until last Saturday, I had forgotten how long it's been since I had a really GREAT glass of iced tea. And that glass of tea sent me into a reverie about the pursuit of perfection in small things. Who served this transcendent chilled concoction? Trio Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel-Austin.

The tea itself is good, brewed to provide a full-bodied taste. But the first difference is in the ice cubes. The Trio staff makes them with tea, rather than water, so your tea never gets diluted. Next, they use simple syrup in place of sugar in the tea. I'm not even a fan of sweet iced tea but I was won over. This is an easy trick to achieve. When I called the Trio kitchen just to confirm there was no magic in the simple syrup recipe, I was assured that it was just the usual: one part sugar and one part water boiled for a minute or two. And the lemons were sliced thin, not presented in seed-ridden chunks. Mmm. I'm thirsty now.

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