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Show Us Your Tex-Mex

Written by , published November 26, 2008

The December issue's Top Tables article on old-school Tex-Mex restaurants—"Candy or Sherbet?"—makes my taste buds crave that extra cheesy enchilada dinner with carne sauce (double rice, no beans, please) every time I read it.

Dick Holland's piece, while spot-on in describing this distinctly Texas experience (sorry, New Mexico and California don't even come close!), just scratches the surface when it comes to naming some of the top traditional Tex-Mex dining in Austin, let alone the state. For starters, one of my faves not mentioned in the story is El Gallo, at 2910 S. Congress Ave. Time seems to stand still there, from the '60s-era Spanish dark wood/wrought-iron decor, serape-covered tables, lack of trendy scenesters, and also their prices. My two-enchilada dinner was a mere $ 7.95, which included—yes—choice of candy or sherbet for dessert. (I chose candy—pralines.) And my frozen margarita came in a tall pilsner-style glass, like how I imagine they were served back in 1971 when this frozen libation was first concocted in a Dallas restaurant.  This is one of my favorite places to escape when I've had too much of our ever-upward-and-upscale city and need to be somewhere more down-to-earth, where life feels a bit simpler.So, where's your favorite #2 enchilada dinner in Texas? Best salsa, queso, fajitas, or margarita? Best Tex-Mex for the soul that ignores all foodie fads? We'd love to hear from you.

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