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Well Worth It

Written by , published December 29, 2008

I-35 through Fort Worth has been a construction-congested mess for as long as I can remember. So imagine my delight to discover, on a holiday trip through the city, that much of the construction in finally finished. For travelers using the Interstate to get to points north or south, it's a much more pleasant commute. And for those bound for Cowtown proper, it's also simpler to reach Fort Worth's ever-expanding Cultural District, as well as the Stockyards National Historic District and downtown's Sundance Square.


Some of my colleagues and I recently chatted with some folks from the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau, who wowed us with news of the city's numerous enticements. Two new hotels opened in 2008—the Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa, and the Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic Stockyards—and a third (the Omni Fort Worth Hotel) is slated to open in January 2009. That means plenty of rooms to house out-of-towners in Fort Worth to check out 2009's full plate of activities and exhibits. Thinking about a spring trip myself, I asked about outdoors adventures such as kayaking, and I learned that you can rent kayaks for leisurely excursions on the Trinity River, and that you can even rent horses for hour-long trailrides through the Stockyards District.

Steak is king in Fort Worth, but we learned of a "restaurant row" of sorts that sounds promising for more eclectic fare—Magnolia Avenue. Here, according to our sources, you'll find a number of independently owned, small restaurants that specialize in cuisine from Thailand, Egypt, Italy, and Mexico.

Art. Curry. Longhorns. Kayaking. Maybe even a new pair of cowboy boots. Sounds like a good trip to me. (To plan your own Fort Worth trip, see

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