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Lunch in McKinney; Coffee in Sherman

Written by , published March 3, 2009

When my sister and I visited my daughter at Austin College in Sherman, we took the opportunity to explore nearby McKinney and have lunch at The Pantry Restaurant, in the historic downtown area. The spacious yet cozy cafe serves a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, and other entrees, and also has a wide selection of creamy pies. I wish I could say I sampled one, and I really should have, but the tortilla soup/salad/cornbread combo was plenty for me as was the stuffed baked potato/soup combo was for my sister. My daughter, also full from her sandwich/salad combo, ordered a slice of chocolate-chip cream pie to take back to the dorm.

We sat by the front window and took in the street action, of which there was plenty despite the cold and windy day. There was a life-size carhop statue holding a sign board in front of the shop across the street that kept toppling over from the gusts, and we watched as passers-by picked up the statue only to see it get blown over again. There are a number of shops and restaurants, and even a spa or two, in McKinney's meticulously-restored historic district.

On the way back to the college, we stopped for coffee at The Boiler Room (404 W Lamar St, 903-957-3815) in downtown Sherman. The Boiler Room, in a 2-story, vintage red-brick building, used to house a steam laundry long ago. The interior is warm, bright and modern, with many paintings adorning the walls, and stylish yet comfortable seating. I had a soy latte—with whipped cream—and, though it's only an occasional drink for me, it was among the best lattes I've had. Now if I had only had some pie from The Pantry!

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