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Rains lift tubing on Frio River

Written by , published May 28, 2013

The rainstorms that soaked parts of the Hill Country over Memorial Day weekend are providing a welcome boost to tubing on the Frio River, at least for a little while.

About a foot of rain fell in the Frio headwaters area on Friday and Saturday, with particularly good amounts over the west prong in northern Real County.

The downpour raised the Frio's "floatability" level in Garner State Park from "below minimum" two weeks ago to "ideal water conditions for floating," for the coming weekend, according to the National Weather Service's Texas River Recreation Advisory released Wednesday.

"It's a significant recharge and it fell right in the area that it was needing this time,” says Frank Roberts, interpretive specialist at Garner State Park. “It fell high on the headwaters and a lot of it fell, so water will run down hill, and it will continue to help. It wont’ last forever. … We’re hoping that now that we got some moisture it will trigger some more showers and help it out.”

The Frio River level in Garner State Park is up two to three feet.

"It wasn’t a big, big flood, like 2002, but it was a significant rise on the river,” Roberts says. “It’s good for floating. It may be a few days or a week or so, but for people coming in for Memorial Day weekend and starting the summer, it’s excellent.”

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