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Breakfast at Spoons in McKinney

Written by , published September 3, 2009

I have driven by Spoons many times on my visits to McKinney's historic square, and, judging from the cutesy name and restored historic building, had the impression that it was another quaint, antiques-filled café that serves soups and sandwiches. Boy, was I pleasantly wrong.

For starters, Spoons serves breakfast all day and is the place for breakfast, as most restaurants in the square begin serving at lunch. You'll find several varieties of waffles, pancakes, eggs (from basic to omelets), even oatmeal, and yogurt parfait. Cottage potatoes, deftly seasoned, and coated with cheddar and pepper jack cheese, seem to be Spoons' specialty side dish, and can also be ordered as an entré with apple-smoked bacon. As for beverages, in addition to the usual coffee and orange juice, specialty juice-blends and caffeine-infused drinks are also available, courtesy of the recently opened Spoons Garage, a coffee house adjacent to the restaurant. The drinks have auto-themed names like Brake Job and Fuel Injection, which my daughter ordered (a cool and energetic blend of fresh-squeezed orange juice, chocolate syrup and coffee). Can someone identify the mystery game-piece shown here? The interior is a thoroughly modern contrast to the vintage-cute storefront, with counters lining the exposed brick walls to provide extra seating for tables in the center, an Italian-soda bar in the back with diner seating, a bakery case filled with luscious cakes and pies, and a small, open kitchen. Two interesting things I noticed about my table: the rolled napkins contain a fork and a knife, no spoons! The other thing was an large board game card, which was used as a centerpiece. Can someone tell me in what game this was used?

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