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Written by , published January 22, 2010

A few years ago, when economy woes hit the headlines and everybody reined in their vacation spending, travel-biz folks started talking up the concept of the "Staycation" (whooping it up close to home) and its related concept, the "Daycation." But I just now received the strangest email, from a company promoting what it calls a "Haycation” aimed at city dwellers who want to explore the country, assuming, I guess, that all country adventures include a hayride. 

So I started wondering what'll come next. Gaycation? If it hasn't been thought of yet, it will soon. Smart cities like Houston have already started promoting travel opportunities for gay and lesbian travelers, so I expect we'll see more of this. What about Praycations, trips to various places of worship and/or meditation? Nowaycations for workaholics who require WiFi in hotels, parks, restaurants, and sites they visit? Lamécations, for sartorial-minded travelers who want to ditch their conservative workaday wear for glitzy spangles from 1960s Las Vegas? Outstaycations, for travelers on a budget who crash on friends' and relatives' sofas and don't offer to clean up or buy dinner? Disobeycations, for travelers who are upstanding citizens during the workweek but want to explore their rebellious sides? Olécations, for folks who want to practice Spanish and familiarize themselves with Texas' Hispanic heritage?

Paycations (blow the paycheck on something extravagant). Raycations (sun and fun). Spraycations (could be sailing, could be a graffiti workshops). Cafécations (tour of pie and coffee). Ospreycations (for bird specialists, of course.) Résumécations (seeing the sights while looking for a job). Outrécations (outrageous, unpredictable, and a lot of fun).

What say you? Am I on to something?

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