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Bakery Cafe - Back to Blue?

Written by , published August 22, 2011

While in Port Aransas recently, I drove to Aransas Pass looking for the Bakery Café, which is on the cover of the September issue and in the True, Texas feature, which had gone to press before I left for vacation. To my surprise, the distinctive turquoise façade with the name in bright red letters had been painted tan with brown type.

I mentioned this to co-workers when I returned to the office, concerned we may get letters about the color scheme change. We had just received advance copies of the September issue. Lois Rodriguez, who wrote the Bakery Cafe text, e-mailed the café owner to let him know they made the cover, and sent the cover image, noting that we thought the blue paint job looked nice. The owner called Lois to thank us for the magazine coverage, and to say that after they painted the exterior brown, one of his employees preferred the old color combo, but no one could remember how it looked. But thanks to our publication of the café image, they'll be able to use the issue as a guide if they decide to repaint the café blue again. We hope so!

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