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Share your favorite holiday event photos on!

Written by , published November 30, 2012

Families enjoy the big sleigh at Lubbock's Winter Wonderland at Vintage Township. (Texas Highways photo/Kevin Stillman)

Tomorrow it will officially be December (though I could have sworn it came a few days earlier judging from how much Christmas music I've heard already), and cities across the state are ready to spread the holiday cheer with a huge weekend of Christmas festivals and parades. Check out the list below for a small selection of events—or you can find more using the event search tool.

While you’re out and about at holiday events this year, we’d love to see what fun you find! Just share your favorite holiday photos with us on Instagram by tagging your pictures with #TxHwysHolidays. Your pictures will then show up on a real-time slideshow we'll post next week at

Not an Instagram user yet? You can join in the fun by downloading the Instagram app to your mobile phone or tablet. Then create a free account and take a photo (or choose one you’ve already taken from your mobile photo library), choose a filter to stylize your image, and upload the picture with the #TxHwysHolidays tag in the caption box. (Also make sure your photos are public so we can see them!) More tips on using Instagram can be found here.

You can also click this button to see what Texas Highways is up to on Instagram from your web browser: Instagram

Here are just a few of this weekend's offerings to get you started:

And some ongoing events through the end of the season:

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