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Refried Deep-Fried Blog

Written by , published August 21, 2013


I’m not sure I understand the competition to come up with the next best fried thing, and I’m not here to judge, but every year, when the State Fair of Texas (Sept. 27–Oct. 20) announces its list of fried food offerings, my ears perk up. I am excited to know what’s being tossed into the vat next.

Recipes:  Corn dogs, fried coke, funnel cakes and more. Try these fair faves at home.

They never disappoint, at least not in terms of generating a buzz. So in case you didn’t get the memo, let me share this year’s menu.

Let’s start with the breakfast of champions – Deep Fried Biscuits and Gravy. How’d they do that?! You get a fluffy biscuit, fill it with gravy, batter it and fry it. Good morning!

And what’s a State Fair without a little Southern Hospitality – Deep Fried Southern Hospitality, of course! It’s a blend of seasoned pork, fresh collard greens, and hot water cornbread shaped in a cone, deep fried and served on a stick! WoooBoy!

And Viva that South-of-the-Border flavor with Fried Naked Tamales (fresh tamales, battered and fried) and the Double-Fried Chicken Breast Taco, which is just what it sounds like– a hand-breaded home-style chicken breast wrapped and refried in a flour tortilla. Ay yi yi!

How bout a little double-trouble – sweet AND fried! Just try and stop me from trying the Praline Sweet Potato Poppers â€“ mashed sweet potatoes blended with butter, brown sugar, brandy, orange zest, chopped pecans, ginger, and marshmallows. Toss all that together, dip it in sweet batter, fry it and dust it with cinnamon sugar. Â 

Not sweet enough? For chocolate lovers, there is Fernie’s Deep Fried Whole Lotta Chocolatta and a Heavenly Deep-Fried Brownie.

The Chocolatta is dark-chocolate stuffed Italian bread that is battered and fried. It comes with a side of salty potato chips that are drizzled in white and milk chocolate.

The battered and fried brownie is topped with a chocolate-cherry syrup ambrosia.

For nutty goodness, there’s the Fried Pecan Caramel Candy, which is caramel candy squares dipped in a pecan-chocolate batter, fried and topped with a rich, buttery caramel sauce.

So there you have it. Don’t try them all in one sitting, or it’ll be “groan” appétit instead of bon appétit. Pace yourself. You’ll have 20-something days to get it all in. The State Fair of Texas runs from Sept. 27-Oct. 20.

Oh, and while waiting in line, I think I’ll ponder the difference between “fried,” “deep-fried” and “double-fried."

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