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ACL Fest x2—Get Ready!

Written by , published October 2, 2013

The Austin City Limits Festival kicks off the first of two weekends for the very first time on Friday, October 4. With two weekends filled with nearly identical music lineups, will it be as crowded, more crowded, or—wishful thinking—slightly less crowded?

TH at ACL Several TH staffers will be attending the fest this weekend and next, and we'll post ACL happenings and interesting sightings that we see on Facebook and Twitter. We would also love to hear from our TH ACL Fest fans as well, so be sure to send us your posts and photos on your favorite music performances, celebrity sightings, best eats, longest lines, weather reports, or wackiest flag markers or costumes.

ACL Fest Tips In previous years' posts on the fest, I've provided tips on what to bring and how to prepare for the fest. Festival tips can easily be found on the ACL Fest website, plus I've discovered some insightful tips on the UT-Austin blog The Horn.  I will also add what I consider my five essential things to bring to ACL Fest (besides cash and sunscreen!):

1) Lip Balm or Chapstick: For parched lips caused by too much chatting or too much weather!

2) Eye Drops: No, not just for red eyes, but dry or allergy-prone eyes! A must especially for contact-lens wearers—be sure to get the kind made for contacts!

3) Rain Poncho: No matter what the forecast says, weather in Austin can be fickle in October. And if it doesn't rain, it can double as a portable "blanket" for seating.

4) Water: Bring up to two 1-liter unopened bottles, or a container to put it in, as the ACL Fest website says. Water refilling stations are plentiful at the fest—keep your bottle or Camelback filled.  Stay hydrated, my friend.

5) Patience: Late afternoons can bring massive human traffic jams near popular stages and food lines. Go with the flow, and remember most of us are here to immerse in the music, connect with friends, and leave our stresses behind for three (or six) days!

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