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Harkening back to Mineral Wells heyday, Crazy Water folks open Crazy Water Bath House

Written by , published December 4, 2013

Famous Water Company, the bottlers of Crazy Water in Mineral Wells, have opened the Crazy Water Bath House to offer visitors a similar soaking experience to the one that attracted hordes to "take the waters" back in Mineral Wells' heyday as a health resort.

After a year's trial with one bath, the company opened a bathhouse on its property, featuring overnight guest rooms and four private baths. Treatments start at $30 for a 40-minute tub rental, $45 for a microbubble tub rental, and $85 for a basic treatment, which includes a microbubble soak, a hot towel wrap, and a

“We basically have just taken from how they did things in the late 1800s and early 1900s and re-created it, so people can get that therapeutic absorption of the water,” says Carol Elder, Famous Water owner. "People have good health results when they take it internally, and we want to give everyone the benefit of being able to soak in it as well."

The baths use Crazy Water No. 3, containing the second-highest mineral content in the company's line of four water products. Soakers can fill the tub to a temperature of their liking. Carol says the massage treatments use only organic products to help maintain the natural experience provided by the mineral water.

"Usually people with arthritic problems do pretty good with the baths, and it's also a good way to get mineral absorption in your skin and detoxify," she says. "The bicarbonate soda in the water helps draw out toxins in the body"

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