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New Alamo exhibit explores Tejano role in battle

Written by , published February 21, 2014

The Alamo opens a new exhibit this weekend that examines the sometimes-overlooked history of Hispanic defenders of the Alamo. Standing Their Ground: Tejanos and the Alamo opens Saturday and runs through June 6.

Highlights of the exhibit include an interactive display that allows visitors to hear the words of Tejanos who witnessed the events of the 1836 Alamo battle, when the Mexican army under General Santa Anna besieged the Alamo for 13 days and ultimately killed all of the defenders.

The exhibit also features over 30 original documents, maps, and cultural artifacts telling the story of Tejano defenders during the Battle of the Alamo.

"With immigration on the forefront of public discussion, it's important to remember that Texas began as a part of the Spanish Empire ruled from Mexico," said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, whose office oversees the Alamo for the state. "This is the whole story of the Alamo. While John Wayne made a movie about the Alamo that largely focused on Anglo defenders Crockett, Bowie and Travis, it's important to remember the Tejano defenders who sacrificed their lives for Texas freedom, too."

The Alamo has posted three of the videos included in the exhibit on YouTube. See the videos—which tell the stories of Enrique Esparza, Juan Seguin, and Eulalia Yorba—here:

Enrique Esparza

Juan Seguin 


Eulalia Yorba


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