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Borger celebrating its 88th birthday

Written by , published March 4, 2014

Borger is turning 88! And to celebrate, the Hutchinson County Museum is hosting a birthday celebration with a panel of women who lived through the boomtown’s early years. The celebration will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the museum. 

Oil gave birth to the boom town of Borger in 1926.

As profiteers and roughnecks moved in, the town became known as a rowdy place. The state dispatched the Texas Rangers to Borger twice in the late 1920s, and the town was put under martial law in 1929.

Lynn Hopkins, the museum administrator, said the museum wanted to shed light on a different perspective on Borger’s history.In year’s past, the museum has focused on subjects like the Dust Bowl, roughnecks, and oildfield men.

“When we were talking about putting this event together, several of these women were here,” she said. “It just seemed to click to have a girls’ perspective on the early development years.”  

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