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Johnny Depp turns up at Willie Nelson rodeo concert

Written by , published March 11, 2014

One of the wild things about the South by Southwest conference is the number of celebrities who show up in Austin.  

You’ve got Jimmy Kimmel Live taping at the Long Center with guests like Snoop Dog and Seth Rogen; Justin Bieber (of all people) attending UT men’s basketball practice; and Nicolas Cage walking the red carpet for a film premier.

I had a minor brush with celebrity excitement on Sunday when my family attended the Star of Texas Rodeo northeast of town at the Travis County Exposition Center. Willie Nelson was the featured musical performer after the rodeo. Willie took the stage in typical fashion, working his way through a string of well-known hits.

A few songs into the show, Willie took a moment to introduce his band members, including his son Lukas on guitar and a stranger on back-up guitar wearing a brimmed hat and a vest, referred to only as “Johnny.” The camera that feeds the overhead jumbo screen zoomed in on Johnny’s face and the stranger turned out to be none other than Johnny Depp. There was a collective murmur of recognition from the crowd, and then the show went on as usual. After all, Johnny Depp is big, but he can’t upstage Willie.

Here's a video clip from Sunday's show:

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