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Nature Connects

San Antonio Botanical Garden pairs nature with LEGO bricks
Written by , published September 8, 2014



If your child loves LEGO® Bricks, they will be fascinated by the elaborate creations displayed as part of the San Antonio Botanical Garden exhibit Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® Bricks.

The exhibit, which opened Sept. 6 and runs through Jan. 4, includes 14 displays using nearly 500,000 LEGO® Bricks. The largest sculpture, the mother bison, was made using 45,143 bricks.

hummingbirdsOn opening day, like any other day, the gardens were a treat to explore. The array of colorful blooms and their accompanying scents were enhanced by the added bonus of the LEGO® sculptures throughout the gardens. There, beside the plumbago and Pride of Barbados, were the intricate works of artist Sean Kenney. He created a rose, goldfinches, a dragonfly, mother and baby bison, a gardener, rabbit and a fox, a lawnmower and more with the bricks.

The Nature Connects exhibit, which is open during regular garden hours, is simply a nice way to spend the day.


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