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New Bird Blind For Davis Mountains

Written by , published November 3, 2014

bird blind--Davis Mountains State Park will soon offer bird watchers a new treat with the Nov. 14 dedication of a newly constructed bird blind.

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For more information, visit the Davis Moutains State Park website.

The 3 p.m. dedication, which is open to the public, will introduce the $36,000 solar-powered blind that will give birders viewing access to wide variety of bird species, including the Montezuma quail typically found in the region. Its white adobe structure replaces an older blind in the Montezuma Quail Viewing area, and is designed in the Southwest style of the historic Indian Lodge.

bird blind view--The new blind features large, slanted windows cooled by sun-powered ceiling fans in the screened-in viewing area. Solar power also keeps water trickling through a stone water feature beneath almost a dozen bird feeders.

Texas State Parks Director Brent Leisure says, “Here, Davis Mountains State Park visitors will be able to observe the many bird species that make the park their home, or their rest stop.”

Davis Mountains State Park is a designated Globally Important Bird Area, recognized for the number of documented resident and transient bird species. Birders, who for decades had become accustomed to seeing the original bird blind consisting of four posts and a bench, can now observe some of the park’s documented 365 species from comfortable stools protected from the elements.

Davis Mountains State Park and Indian Lodge are located four miles north of Fort Davis on Highway 118 North. For more information, contact the state park office at (432) 426-3337.

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