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Xavier de Richemont on San Antonio

Written by , published December 29, 2014


Xavier de Richemont's video art installation at San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio is a great example of San Antonio's distinctive appeal—its blend of history, contemporary culture, and the arts. That's why we chose an image of the installation, which is titled San Antonio | The Saga, for the cover of the December issue of Texas Highways, the issue in which we celebrated the Alamo City as the state's No. 1 travel destination, as chosen by TH readers.

Check out our Q&A with de Richemont, a world-renowned artist from France, about his impressions of San Antonio:



TH: What do you like about San Antonio?

De Richemont: The city has preserved her soul, I felt like I was related to the people I met here as if I had lived around for years! San Antonio is so attached to her history, it is really important to be proud of who you are and of where you belong.

TH: How did San Antonio inspire your Saga installation?

De Richemont: This cosmopolitan society that makes the sincerity of the people here. I have understood there was a lot of faith attached to the truth, the city has been fighting for her land and for her liberty, from all points of view, you can feel that it has been a guide line for making the city answer to people's need of respect. Texas has been a land of pioneers.

TH: How would you describe the spirit of San Antonio to someone who’s never been there?

De Richemont: Just hang around along the river, participate in the art walks, walk Main Plaza area with Cathedral San Fernando and all these 1920's theaters and buildings, see the beautiful museums and of course the 17th century missions ... and you understand that you are walking on traces of your ancestors!

TH: What distinguishes San Antonio from other cities in the United States or the world?

De Richemont: I have visited a lot of important cities in the U.S., San Antonio succeeded into being in the top ten biggest cities of the country while remaining a village! This is an amazing source of inspiration and a great advantage for friendly relationships.  

San Antonio | The Saga shows at Main Plaza on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 9 p.m., 9:30 p.m., and 10 p.m.

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