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Galveston's Moody Gardens

Outdoor ice skating in Galveston? You got it. The skating rink is just the tip of the iceberg at the 13th annual Moody Gardens Festival of Lights.

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Blanco County CourthouseJohnson City flips the switch on its annual Lights Spectacular November 28, turning on more than 100,000 lights that drape the Blanco County Courthouse.

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The 70-foot Market Street Christmas Tree dazzles passers-by with evening light performances. (Photos by J. Griffis Smith)

Each year the hectic pace of the holiday season takes me captive, rendering the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s a breathless sprint devoid of their supposedly inherent jaoy. Every year I vow to change things the next go-round—to shop earlier, do less, enjoy more. So last December, my husband, Matt, children (Caleb, Madi, and Esther), and I took a drastic approach to carving serenity from the holiday chaos: We shoved the entirety of our to-do list to the side (even skipping Christmas-play rehearsal) and embarked on a weekend getaway to a purported winter wonderland, The Woodlands.


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Families enjoy the big sleigh at Lubbock's Winter Wonderland at Vintage Township. (Texas Highways photo/Kevin Stillman)

Tomorrow it will officially be December (though I could have sworn it came a few days earlier judging from how much Christmas music I've heard already), and cities across the state are ready to spread the holiday cheer with a huge weekend of Christmas festivals and parades. Check out the list below for a small selection of events—or you can find more using the event search tool.

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If you’re driving the Hill Country Regional Lighting Trail the evening of December 19, you’ll want to add the 41st annual LBJ Tree Lighting at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site, east of Stonewall, to your agenda. Although it’s not a designated part of the Lighting Trail, you’ll go right past the park as you travel between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Witnessing this special tradition is also worth a separate trip, especially if you spend the day enjoying the park before taking in the festivities.

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It just isn’t Christmas without observing that time-honored custom—driving around to look at the lights. You say the bigger the display, the better? Well, I have a “must-see” tree for you.


I grew up in Oklahoma, where the season often brought snow (or, at least, sleet), throngs of off-key carolers at our doorstep, and aromatic pines that quickly dropped their needles into our shag carpeting. My younger brother and I fashioned tree-toppers and lopsided ornaments from cardboard and silver glitter, and on Christmas morning, we awakened to bleary-eyed folks sporting mussed hair and mischievous grins as they pointed out the Santa-size footprints in the fireplace.

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