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Written by Texas Highways

Harvey House built their reputation on the freshness and excellence of their fare. Menus offered a wide array of mouth-watering choices. Wanda A. Landrey of Beaumont collected a number of Harvey House recipes for her book Boardin' in the Thicket: Reminiscences and Recipes of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses.

Serves 4.

A good baker doesn't reveal her secret recipes, but she may suggest tasty alternatives. Sylvia Tucker of the Kempner Brick Oven recommends this dark rye bread, a close cousin to one of her shop's most popular products. The recipe comes from The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole Grain Bread Baking by Laurel Robertson with Carol Flinders and Brownwen Godfrey, published by Random House.

Yield: 25-35 hush puppies

Challah is baked especially for the Sabbath and religious holidays. This version is adapted from a recipe that appears in From Generation to Generation, a cookbook complied by the Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas.

Makes one loaf


Cafe Cornbread

Stone-ground cornmeal adds an interesting flavor and texture to that most Southern of breads, cornbread. The following recipe is adapted from one in the Wunsche Bros. Cafe Cookbook, which former owner Brenda Greene Mitchell wrote in 1993.

Yield: 6 servings

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