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Written by Texas Highways

From Brennan's of Houston, prepared by owners Alex Brennan-Martin and Dice Brennan with cooperation of Chef Carl.

When Cajun cooks exchange recipes, you often hear, "First, you make a roux." A cooked mixture of oil and flour that provides a perfect avenue for blending flavors, a roux is indispensable in Cajun cooking. Austin food stylist Fran Decoux Gerling, a native of Bridge City, shares this recipe for étouffée, and yes, it starts with a roux.

This recipe involves applying both a paste and a “mop,” but most of the work is done the night before. Because the mop is applied before and after cooking, this recipe can be prepared in any type of smoker. For variety, try this recipe with trout or another flaky, white fish.

Laura Patterson provides this recipe for a traditional red salsa. For variety, Laura suggests adding melted cheese, mashed avocado, or black-eyed peas. She also mixes equal amounts of chopped mango (fresh or bottled) and this basic recipe to make a tropical-flavored sauce you can dip with chips or use on meat and fish.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups.

Makes about 2 1/2 cups.

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