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Written by Texas Highways

The following recipe is adapted from Forty Years Behind the Lid with permission from Mrs. Richard Bolt. Richard wrote that the recipe will feed an "average family" and "may be used in a home kitchen or outside using a fire pit." Richard Bolt credits these flapjacks with having almost magical properties. In his words, "If you do not believe these help cowboys work better, ask Tone "Flapjack" Sparks. He failed to eat his usual six flapjacks for breakfast one morning and had trouble all day trying to flank calves. He was very upset about his many fumbles on the job and I told him it was purely a dietary problem. The next day Tony indulged in his usual number of flapjacks and was able to flank calves like a good cowboy is suppose to."

If you prefer, you can skip rolling out the dough and make these as drop biscuits, the option chosen by our food stylist.

We’ve adapted some recipes from a delightful little book called Texas Morning Glory: Memorable Breakfast Recipes from Lone Star Bed and Breakfast Inns. The recipes were compiled by Barry Shlachter, the publisher of Cordon Bubba Texas Cuisine, Texas Braggin’ Rights, Tex Mex 101, and several other cookbooks. Barry is a business writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and also writes a weekly beer column.

Yield: 12 tortillas.

Pan de campo (camp bread), long a favorite of cowboys in South Texas, has become a trademark of outdoor chef Ruben Hinojosa, who has garnered top prizes in several competions with this recipe.

The dough in this recipe is quite sticky – too sticky for a bread machine. When kneading it, Carrin Patman uses a clean powder puff to dust flour on the kneading surface, the dough and her hands. She says a steel scraper and a marble board also come in handy. She has found that letting the dough rise in the refrigerator the first time makes it less sticky, though the process takes longer. Yields: 2 loaves.

Faye Porter, a pastry chef at Ector Junior High School in Odessa, won first place with this recipe in the 1996 Texas School Recipe Roundup's Totally Texas category.

Serves 12.

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