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Written by Texas Highways

What does it take to be extraordinary? The Texans in these pages have each made their marks in vastly varied fields—from winemaking and writing to inventing a new way to watch movies—and they share characteristics essential to any true trailblazer: the bravery to try something different and the perseverance to carry their visions through. And for that, we salute this year’s Extraordinary Texans.


Some meat-lovers claim that bacon pairs well with almost every other food. I consider this point of view as I pop tiny bits of a confection called “Sizzling Bacon Candy” in my mouth. This candy’s “sizzle” involves bursts of bacon-tinged carbon dioxide, which tickle my tongue with the taste of fizzy smoked meat. “Sizzling Bacon Candy” is only one of the many curious bacon items available at Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop in Carrollton. The shop also stocks bacon cotton candy, bacon lip balm, and bacon air freshener.


Like most Texans, my main experiences with Lockhart have always revolved around barbecue, whether that meant a birthday brisket throwdown at Kreuz Market or a pit stop for Smitty’s Market sausage on the way back from the beach. So naturally, when planning a day exploring the quickly developing town 30 miles south of Austin, I took my husband’s barbecue order before hitting the road.

Old Car Exhibit MG 1185

The first words out of my son Byrdie’s mouth when I pick him up from school are usually, “Did you know that… ?”, followed in turn by the latest astonishing facts he’s discovered in kindergarten that day. Lately, he’s been interested in history—especially dinosaurs and ancient civilizations—and so my wife Laura and I decided it would be a good time to take him and his sister Ana to the Museum of South Texas History, which chronicles the heritage of the Rio Grande Valley from the Cretaceous Period to the present day.


Ensconced at his Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, legendary leather wizard Al Stohlman was focused on his leather craft. Really focused.


Painter Douglas Chandor was as charming as he was creative. I’m standing in the foyer of the prestigious artist’s historic Weatherford home, a 5,600-square-foot dwelling adorned with his sketches, prints, and original works. Staff docent Martha Lott tells me that Chandor, whose paintings of Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill hang in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, was at a dinner party in New York City in the early 1930s when a striking Texan with red hair and a provocative dress caught his eye.


From a limestone precipice at the crest of the Rimrock Trail, I catch my breath and gaze across an unspoiled vestige of the Texas Hill Country. The only sliver of civilization in sight is the ranch road that delivered me to this peaceful refuge. Verdant hills stair-step like balconies above a grassy, oak-dotted valley. When Spanish explorers saw hills like these in the 1750s, they described the terraced terrain as “los balcones,” a region we now call Balcones Canyonlands.

Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle Larry Ditto x0z7226

 Texas is tailor-made for bucket lists. Covering some 268,000 square miles, the Lone Star State brims with interesting, exciting, historical, relaxing, and fun things to do and see. And considering Texas' environmental and cultural diversity, the state lends itself to customized personal inventories of sights to see, thrills to experience and challenges to conquer.

wichitafalls3Calling all brave fitness enthusiasts – the 35th annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred, one of the longest single-day bicycle rides in the world, returns to Wichita Falls on Saturday, Aug. 27. For those not inclined to participate in the 100-mile ride under Texas' summer heat conditions, there are still plenty of ways to take in the city.

Oak FinishThere are things you expect to discover when you travel: new restaurants, unfamiliar expressions, off road attractions. I like to search out people’s stories. Some are small, quiet. Others are ripsnorters. The best are passionate tales of personal bests, quests, discoveries. Outside the city limits of Graham, Texas, I found one worthy of conversion into an epic poem.

DTSite granbury150702 004

As summer nears its end, you may be searching for one last adventure, which is what I set out to find in the North Texas Hill Country. With mysteries, charm, historic characters, and a whole lot of lake fun, Granbury makes for a day trip of legendary proportions.

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