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Ponche Navideno

For many people, the holidays are an especially stressful time. But for Melissa Guerra, whose eponymous website,, is an online kitchen marketplace and blog dedicated to the cuisine of South Texas, the season can also be a time to slow down and enjoy the company of the people we love.

Eves Noble Bread

The banter among the family trio that co-owns Eve’s Garden Bed & Breakfast, an eclectic, seven-room retreat in the tiny Big Bend community of Marathon, reflects a hard-to-resist conviviality. Easygoing but always at work, Kate Thayer, her son Noble Baker, and Noble’s wife, Alaine Berg, run Eve’s Garden with special attention to their guests’ experiences, especially delicious meals.

Buttermilk Pie

For the past quarter century, Elaine Erwin has been the chef and manager of Stockman’s Steakhouse in Crockett, and she knows the value of tradition and consistency when it comes to holiday meals.

Riverwalk illustration

The city’s modern-day story is only just beginning, but the same could have been said 300 years ago. The story, of course, begins much earlier than that.

Highlights of nearly 700 Tricentennial-sanctioned partner events planned for 2018 in San Antonio.

San Antonio's Japanese Tea Garden
San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden—once an abandoned rock quarry—stands today as a lush landscape with limestone bridges, ponds filled with Japanese koi, a Japanese pagoda-style pavilion, a café, and a 60-foot waterfall. But one element confuses most visitors upon arrival: Its beautifully carved entrance sign reads “Chinese Tea Garden.”

Mt Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, in the northeast corner of Texas, combines history, unexpected cuisine, and beautiful scenery that go together just like iced tea, sugar, and lemon. It’s a small town that exudes Southern charm and hospitality but isn’t afraid to add in a dash of fun and whimsy.

When that road-trip itch needs scratching, I can always count on one friend to join me: my big mutt Max. He won’t beg off due to work commitments, because he’s too tired, or because he doesn’t have anything to wear. I never hear whining about where I want to go, either, because anyplace with me suits him just fine.

In Texas’ booming restaurant scene, new eateries seem to spring up overnight, and sometimes they fall by the wayside just as quickly. But one of my local favorites, Hickory Hollow in Houston, has managed to endure over the years, not by keeping up with the times but by offering the one thing that never seems to go out of style: old-fashioned comfort food.


For most of us, it wouldn’t occur to drive out to a town’s airport just to eat. But then again, most towns don’t have an airport café as enjoyable as the Hangar 6 Air Cafe in Uvalde. Longtime aviation veteran Mark Huffstutler and his son-in-law Eric Reyes launched Hangar 6 Air Cafe at Uvalde’s Garner Field Airport in July 2016, and the restaurant’s charm, nostalgia, and “just plane good” food attract pilots and drivers from near and far.

YauponTeaKBS28Jason Ellis, an ardent forager and naturalist, has long been passionate about organics. In fact, his East Austin home, within a half-mile of both Boggy Creek Farm and Springdale Farm, boasts a front yard full of edible plants, fruit trees, and even a flock of domestic ducks in a large hog-wire pen.

Cisco, Texas welcome sign

Cisco’s downtown was bustling with Christmas shoppers on Dec. 23, 1927. One was college student Lela Latch, accompanied by her younger brother Bill. In a television interview decades later, she recalled that Bill, age 6, approached a man dressed as Santa Claus to declare his Christmas wish– a football in a nearby store window.

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