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Written by Lois Rodriguez

Working as a muralist in the late 1980s, Carolyn Boyd traveled to the cliffs and rock shelters flanking the Pecos River near Del Rio to see the area’s famous Native American paintings, which date back 4,000 years.

Harry Robinson Jr.

As president and CEO of the African American Museum in Dallas, Harry Robinson Jr. has turned his keen interest in history into a passion for preserving the story of African Americans in Texas.

Dorothy Huang

Don’t eat this,” says cookbook author, culinary tour guide, and teacher Dorothy Huang, laughing as she shows a dried red pepper to her cooking class in Austin. Several of the people gathered around the double cooktop, where at least four burners flame at once, nod knowingly as she drops several of the peppers into a hot wok.

Alan Bean

One of only 12 people who has ever walked on the moon, former astronaut and Apollo Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean now creates artwork reflecting that experience from his home studio in Houston.

The river rounded a bend and ahead of me, civilization dropped away. A heron soared overhead, Pterodactyl-like, and a few dragonflies hovered around the front of my boat.

It could be worth another look through that musty box of family records before packing it into the corner of the attic, or worse yet, sending it off to the shredder.

Olive OilApparently feral pigs like olives. I am walking through narrow rows of arbequina olive trees on the outskirts of Carrizo Springs with Jim Henry, the man who founded the Texas Olive Council and perhaps knows more about making Texas olive oil than anyone else in the state.

Casting my line into the water, I smiled to think I was no bigger than the little girl across from me when I last tried my hand at fishing. I sat on the pier, thinking about how much my grandkids would like this place.

It’s the sound that captures most people’s attention: the roar of 10,500 gallons of water per minute hurtling down the four-story sides that surround the Active Water Pool at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Ready to hit the water? The Texas Paddling Trails program has you covered, with currently more than 60 designated inland and coastal trails available for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

In our September issue, Terri Schexnayder recounted a recent adventure at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas. Writer Grace Carrier has discovered another jewel in the Athens area: the award-winning New York, Texas ZipLine Adventure at Shultz Mountain Ranch.

In the September issue, writer Jennifer Babisak explores Galveston’s Oasis Juice Bar, which specializes in fresh-squeezed juices, locally made kombucha, and smoothies galore.

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