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Written by Lois Rodriguez

missionsanjoseloisrodriguezFiesta, San Antonio has gotten underway, but this year, there’s an added reason for the city to celebrate. Today is World Heritage Day and that now includes the San Antonio Missions, which were designated as a World Heritage site on July 5, 2015.

witte.3.30.16You wonder what they will remember.

My son has traveled with me since he was an infant, making his first journey at the age of six weeks, swaddled and tucked into the bow of a canoe as I paddled into an archipelago of islands in upstate New York. Journeys all over the world followed, but when we moved back to my hometown of Fort Worth, the majority of our travels became Texas road trips. We called them adventures.

Scene 8 13 Days aRemembering the Alamo is one thing, but a new San Antonio attraction promises visitors will get to better see what the 13-day battle was like.

FC TXHWYS APR162Interested in joining our Texas Highways team?


Though PoPo Restaurant is located just off the exit for Welfare, it’s actually on the edge of Boerne. But continue down the I-10 feeder as it curves to meet Waring Welfare Road, past the picturesque grazing longhorns of Don Strange Ranch, and you will arrive in Welfare, Texas.

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She’s been at the helm of the Great Texas Birding Classic for 18 of its 20 years, but the passion behind it all has not waned for Shelly Plante, Nature Tourism Manager for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. That’s why she was my go-to for a little basics on birding and some background on the Great Texas Birding Classic.

 MG 8887 2I was sitting in an Adirondack chair on the back porch of my rental cabin at Blanco Settlement, feet up on the rail, as a thunderous rainstorm pounded the tin roof and swelled the gray-green waters of the Blanco River, less than 60 feet below my vantage.

Oporto diningFrom the late ’70s through the late ’90s, Houston’s Midtown area—a pie-shaped region south of downtown loosely bordered by Interstate 45 and US 59—was largely known as a hub for Houston’s Vietnamese community. For adventurous diners, Midtown back then was the place to go for savory Vietnamese rice plates, steaming bowls of pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), or an inexpensive and flavorful banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich).

Bluebonnet Blaze of Glory 2Texas is blessed with an abundance and variety of wildflowers. Come springtime, nearly every corner of the state boasts photogenic displays of beautiful blooms.

Elephant FinishIt’s easy to love West Texas. The attractions of the Big Sky country are obvious. The openly bold landscape refuses to be ignored. But I have a different love for the more subtle charms of East Texas.

What a delight to be able to canoe down the Trinity River with its stunning contrasts of the sights and sounds of Dallas and the bucolic scenes of nature.

I love gingerbread pancakes and have had many great versions, but I came up with this recipe because I love ginger and wanted a better ginger kick. I treat candied ginger bits like blueberries or chocolate chips. For me, the more the better.

I do fiddle with the recipe some - adding more sugar or cinnamon based on my mood, but this base recipe should do it.

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