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Written by Lois Rodriguez

In the January 2016 issue of Texas Highways magazine, Associate Editor Matt Joyce shares his experiences at the Hog Butchering and Curing Workshop at Nash Farm in Grapevine. Here are additional photos shared by photo editor Brandon Jakobeit.


holiday in a glassMost cocktail recipes call for a dash or two of Angostura bitters, but this lush and spicy number uses the bitters as a base spirit.

In the January 2016 issue, Gene Fowler writes about historic adobe structures in West and South Texas, from the magical Indian Lodge at Davis Mountains State Park to exquisite Quinta Mazatlan, a World Birding Center site in the Rio Grande Valley.

NorthPoleExpressThe flurry of Christmas activity has kicked into high gear. For all that said they’d finish their shopping much earlier this year, only a fraction actually did. And for the children who are counting the days ‘til Santa’s visit, the excitement level is about to explode.

5DD922FB 155D 451F 67DE70D1A4D7EE62 largeFree access to national treasures? Yes. The National Wildlife Refuge System and National Parks Service have allotted fee-free days in 2016 to further entice visitation.

Art, history, science, and Lone Star culture are celebrated at museums both large and small across Texas’ 168 million acres, from the Tigua Indian Cultural Center in El Paso to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, from the Museums of Port Isabel to Amarillo’s Don Harrington Discovery Center.

MiroPainter and sculptor Joan Miró had a prolific and profound career, and the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio is giving Texans, and Americans, a rare opportunity to see some of his astounding works.

Just heard. It's National Deviled Egg Day.

25 Deviled Egg

morrisThis is true, you can draw your own conclusions! Yesterday we think we saw a ghost.

bn23Here's my scary story that made me believe in ghosts!

hotelgalvezI spent a weekend with one of my best friends, Jana, at the Hotel Galvez in room 507, if I recall correctly. It was a couple doors down from the famous room where a woman had hung herself so many years ago.

mengerplazaentrIt seemed like any other business conference.

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