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Written by Lois Rodriguez

HamPool 019Hamilton Pool is quintessential Hill Country beauty. It’s Texas at its finest, and that’s why there’s one thing you must have before arriving at this high-demand swimmer’s oasis – a reservation.

FireworksoverHoustonIt’s time to strike up the band, dress in your finest red, white, and blue, and raise your flags high for some Texas-sized fun. July 4th marks the 240th anniversary of America’s independence, and the Lone Star State is ready to commemorate the occasion in style.

Jill A1Today is a difficult day. Retirement is claiming our dear leader, Texas Highways magazine editor Jill Lawless, after 27 years of service. It’s hard to imagine what day-to-day life at the office will be like without her leadership, guidance and encouragement.

Water toys3To set foot onto the Camp Champions campus is to enter a world you might have thought only existed in movies. That is unless you ever attended sleep-away camp, in which case, it feels like coming home.

TMS Image

You see yourself behind the wheel of a super sleek and beautiful exotic car that is one of the most powerful, high performance sports vehicles in the world. With your feet on the gas and miles of winding racetrack ahead of you, you’re free to fly. And then you wake up.

babesbeachSchool’s out. The sun’s out. So the timing is right as Galveston unveils a new beach area – Babe’s Beach – which gives visitors much more room to dig their toes in the sand, play volleyball or simply stroll the coastline.

Railroaders MainAfter a 111 year absence, professional minor league baseball is making its way back to Cleburne, and they're pretty excited about it. Rightfully so.

An Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow Screening at Lake Travis.We’ve shared suggestions in the past years to help you make the best of your summer. As we introduce new ideas, know that the old ones are still spot on! Just for the fun of it, we've picked of few of those suggestions and paired them with some classic summer tunes. After all, your summer needs a soundtrack.


"You need a dose of Farley Girls,” came the recommendation from a wise Galvestonian that Saturday morning.

NBWRTwinGiraffes OneYearThey’re tall, graceful and gentle, and today – May 10, 2016 ­– is Texas Giraffe Day.

jrb rallyIn conjunction with the nation’s Travel and Tourism week (May 1-7), Texas also is celebrating its thriving travel and tourism industry, one of the strongest drivers of Texas' economy. Helping to highlight the diversity and beauty of the state are Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Travel Information Centers, two of which are planning special Travel Rally Day events.

Dell DTris Speaker, Dizzy Dean, Tony Gwynn, Joe Morgan.

Wouldn’t you want to see these baseball legends up close, tugging their caps and digging in their cleats in the throwback uniforms of their eras?

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