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Written by Lois Rodriguez

TXBF17 Poster low resAlways trying to one-up itself, the annual Texas Book Festival follows its record-breaking 2016 event with today’s first round of author announcements for the highly anticipated 2017 Texas Book Festival Weekend, slated for Nov. 4 – 5.

aquarium65Monday mornings can be difficult. To combat that first-day-of-the-week blues, we’ll give you something to anticipate with highlights of what’s upcoming and new in the world of Texas travel.

AFS Rendering lobbyFive classic movies that epitomize Texas film culture and history are cued up to help launch Austin Film Society’s new AFS Cinema, which opens Friday, March 26.

ThePoint1When you visit Palacios, Texas, chances are, you’re going to stop in at The Point. A convenience store located prominently at the juncture between 1st Street and East Bay Boulevard, The Point’s neon green sign and bright red tagline reading “Beer-Ice-Bait-Tackle-Grocery-Lottery,” is hard to miss.

20170324 Corpus Christi 2022 ED

If you’d like to meet a friendly Texas surfer, park a two-wheel drive vehicle along the shore of Packery Channel between North Padre and Mustang islands. You’ll probably get stuck, but that’ll give you the opportunity to meet an outgoing surfer like Smokey, a fedora-wearing Corpus Christi native who’ll tow you to firmer ground using his truck and a frayed rope.

mcm During Fort Worth's rodeo season in January and February, I’m the most popular person in my family and circle of friends. That’s because my home is just two blocks from Will Rogers Memorial Center, home to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Folks come from all over Texas and beyond to attend the world’s original indoor rodeo, and weekends bring visitors in droves to the fairgrounds and museums surrounding the rodeo arena—more than a million people each year. For my nearest and dearest, my driveway becomes a coveted free parking spot within easy walking distance of all that fun.

jrbTo the traveler, Texas simply is a wonderfully diverse and beautiful playground – one of the most popular destinations in the nation. But May 7 kicks off National Travel and Tourism Week, which celebrates the people behind the scenes of the travel industry while spotlighting the industry’s economic impact. So, for all the fun travelers have in the Lone Star State, the industry thanks you for also playing your part in its success.

nland 2713 620

Get even more summertime adventure ideas.

Hello summertime! We know it can get hot out there, but that’s no excuse to stay inside: Cool outdoor adventures in Texas abound. There is much to explore this summer, from hiking in the Davis Mountains to surfing (yes, surfing!) on the outskirts of Austin. Read on to get inspired.

bangers2On this day in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a law that ended prohibition and opened the doors for people to brew, sell and buy beer to their heart’s content. Today, beer drinkers have not lost their thirst  for a nice, cold one, and Texans have been crafting better and better brews ever since.

Some of the most enjoyable visits I’ve made to Texas small towns have included a little time spent in jail. Not that I’m a bad guy or anything –– I’m talking about historic hoosegows that have been repurposed as museums. It makes sense: Where better to preserve a community’s treasures than a structure built solidly enough to hold desperadoes of the old Wild West?

If you've ever seen the mesmerizing performances of Cirque du Soliel, you may enjoy a few photos from behind the scenes of its production OVO, with performances remaining in Corpus Christi and El Paso.

MorrisMalakoff 386 ArtCarParade2016Long gone are the days where art could be seen only in formal museums. Now it comes parading through downtown streets, perched on wheels, carried by its very own engines, mixing the unexpected, and bringing distinctly different groups of people together with amazing results. The Houston Art Car Parade will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Saturday, April 8th, when 250 wheeled vehicles from across the United States, Canada and Mexico, transport art to an estimated 300,000 spectators.

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