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Written by Lois Rodriguez

State Park RoundupTen state parks in one day? It’s not entirely impossible.

FoodWIne07Fredericksburg can claim its delectable peaches and celebrate its status as the epicenter of Texas’ wine tourism. Not only that, but each October, the town throws its arms wide open to embrace wines and foods from all across the state.

pumpkin1As soon as pumpkins start popping up at stores, our keen drive to want to carve them, paint them, and just get creative with them kicks in. Shanna Harding gets it. Pumpkins take center stage for her fall horticultural creations.

teacakestotamalesIn the November issue of Texas Highways, we highlight the latest cookbook by our former colleague Nola McKey, From Tea Cakes to Tamales: Third-Generation Texas Recipes. In writing the book, one of Nola’s goals was to encourage families to preserve their heirloom recipes.

FC TXHWYS NOV16Have you ever wanted to be in the pages of Texas Highways magazine? We're helping to make that happen. In the November issue of the magazine, which subscribers should be receiving any day now, you'll find a page that's waiting for your special touch.

highRes sanAngelo151021 006On a map, San Angelo sits somewhere between the Hill Country and West Texas. But what the map doesn’t show is that this town also lies between its epic past and a bright future. I quickly realized that when tripping to “S’nangelo” or “Angelo” (as the locals call it), one must always come prepared with an appetite, boots, and a wanderlust to explore.

dontfeedzombiesWhat's a little Zombie Apocalypse between friends? Spend a Friday evening at Galveston Island State Park in October and find out!

dodie1When Dodie Stillman started to recognize her growing fascination with the art of beekeeping, it was just that. But there’s a Texas Highways connection that propelled her into the beekeeping world four years ago. Now, this weekend, she is showing her blue-ribbon honey at the State Fair of Texas.

pancake2When you wonder, or someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” You can say pancakes. Yep. Even if you don’t think it qualifies as dinner, today is National Pancake Day. On this day, where pancakes are concerned, anything goes.

FC TXHWYS JUL15Texas Highways magazine won 21 awards, including Magazine of the Year, at the annual International Regional Magazine Association's conference this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The awards recognize excellence in general-interest, regional publishing. Each year, magazines from across the United States and Canada compete in 28 categories.

grahamIn June Naylor’s story on Graham’s historic downtown square, you find out how to explore local heritage and culture. That’s not to say, however, that Graham is all about the past. That’s hardly the case, in fact: Much of the author’s time in Graham included exploring today’s homegrown scene, the contemporary diversions that keep a small town lively. Here’s a look at some of the modern distractions that help fill a busy trip to Graham, with almost everything situated on the charming downtown square.

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