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Rich and lush, with an underlying zing, this colorful soup suggests guacamole you’re actually allowed to eat with a spoon. Look for it on the menu at San Antonio’s Paloma Blanca.


I can’t stand sweet cole slaw,” says Laura Novosad, “so I came up with this recipe. It looks real pretty with all the colors. Beans and cole slaw have gone over pretty well here.”

Apples taste great fresh off the tree and in a variety of dishes. Austin food stylist Fran Gerling adapted and prepared the following colorful and delicious treats from recipes provided by Carol Adams of Adams Apples.

Toni Turner, executive director of The University of Texas Law School Foundation in Austin, is a cooking historian who specializes in the foods of the Anglo pioneers and Native Americans of the 1850s. Note: The following recipe was designed for fresh cactus. Most canned or other commercially prepared cactus is pickled in brine or vinegar, so adjust your recipe accordingly.

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