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Winery Passport Toasts to Success

Written by | Published January 25, 2010
I just received word that the Texas Department of Agriculture's wine-marketing folks are celebrating the 1st anniversary of its popular…


Written by | Published January 22, 2010
A few years ago, when economy woes hit the headlines and everybody reined in their vacation spending, travel-biz folks started…

Architecture at A&M

Written by | Published January 21, 2010
I just received word that Texas A&M University recently dedicated its first two architect-designed buildings, physics buildings named for university benefactors…

Taco Tour

Written by | Published January 21, 2010
When my son and daughter-in-law returned to Austin for the holidays recently, they had their priorities straight: They planned to…

Rock On

Written by | Published January 20, 2010
Check out Dale Weisman's feature on rock hunting in the February issue. A lifelong rockhound, Dale logged hundreds of miles…

Urban daddy comes to Texas

Written by | Published January 19, 2010
A few years ago, a colleague turned me on to an online newsletter called "Urban Daddy"--an irreverent,  intelligently written…

Brenham Break

Written by | Published January 13, 2010
On my second trip back to Austin from Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport during the holidays, I decided to break up…

Quirky Breakfast in Houston

Written by | Published January 11, 2010
If you're planning to tour Quirky Houston, I suggest you start your day with breakfast. On a recent visit, my…

Partying with the Big Heads

Written by | Published January 6, 2010
The January issue of Texas Highways includes a feature about the oddball attractions of sophisticated Houston. As a native Houstonian,…

Big Mo's BBQ

Written by | Published November 24, 2009
When I was in Victoria a couple of weeks ago, I tried a new barbecue restaurant a friend had recommended,…

Feels Like Fall

Written by | Published November 4, 2009
The crisp autumn mornings of late are reminding me of my summer trip to the Fort Davis area. Even in…

Live Music and Lava Lamps

Written by | Published October 22, 2009
On a recent trip to San Angelo, I discovered an unusual venue in the middle of downtown. During the day,…
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