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Church in the Wildwood

Written by | Published September 29, 2009
Working for Texas Highways has many rewards, but seeing an idea morph into print that is read around the world…

Now's a great time to be at the beach

Written by | Published September 29, 2009
I just returned from an action-packed, three-day trip to South Padre Island, and wow--the beginning of fall is a fantastic…

An offal experience

Written by | Published September 25, 2009
What's up with offal? Seems as though every menu I see these days has some form of offal on it,…

Coming to America Through Galveston

Written by | Published September 22, 2009
I took advantage of Austin's Free Museum Day to catch up on a few exhibits I've been meaning to see.

Breakfast at Spoons in McKinney

Written by | Published September 3, 2009
I have driven by Spoons many times on my visits to McKinney's historic square, and, judging from the cutesy name…

Accidental Education

Written by | Published September 2, 2009
Visits with my 13-year-old niece, Kaitie, tend to be enlightening, and not just about what's going on with teenagers these…

Happy 100th, Wanda Timmermann!

Written by | Published August 25, 2009
Thomas Haberle wrote us recently to let us know that longtime TH friend Wanda Timmermann celebrates her 100th birthday August…

Take a seat, enjoy the show

Written by | Published August 18, 2009
Since I moved from Houston and an office smack dab in the middle of the city's incredible Theater District, I have…

A Toast to Summer

Written by | Published July 24, 2009
My favorite seasonal flavor of Promised Land Milk, Creamy Dreamy Orange, is back on the shelves at my neighborhood H-E-B…

Trip Advisors

Written by | Published July 23, 2009
Sometimes a trip out-of-state helps me appreciate what information a tourist needs and wants. I shouldn't admit this, but on…

Out All Night

Written by | Published July 13, 2009
Be sure to check out the story on bat-watching by Nola McKey and Larry Ditto in the August issue of…

Evening Star

Written by | Published July 13, 2009
Enjoyed a fabulous Friday evening last week at the kick-off of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum's annual Music…
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