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You ARE Texas

Written by | Published February 3, 2010
Everything's big in Texas, in fact, Texas is so big, it's gone global. ;) Or so it's been pointed out…

Groundhog Day Report

Written by | Published February 2, 2010
Having just made my annual end-of-January trip to southeast Texas, I can report that despite any prognostications from Punxsutawney Phil,…

Dinner is Served, Trailerside

Written by | Published February 2, 2010
The trailer-café craze that has consumed Austin tends to be a mostly daytime affair, with many if not most in…

Pack light, go green

Written by | Published January 28, 2010
We're starting to put together the April issue, and one story about sustainable travel especially holds my interest. The author…

All A-Twitter About Birds

Written by | Published January 27, 2010
Winter in Texas is a very good time to chase birds. And, if expanding your bird life list is your…

A Day in Fayette County

Written by | Published January 25, 2010
Sunday I decided to bird around La Grange. The Travis Audubon Society is offering a series of monthly field trips…

Winery Passport Toasts to Success

Written by | Published January 25, 2010
I just received word that the Texas Department of Agriculture's wine-marketing folks are celebrating the 1st anniversary of its popular…


Written by | Published January 22, 2010
A few years ago, when economy woes hit the headlines and everybody reined in their vacation spending, travel-biz folks started…

Architecture at A&M

Written by | Published January 21, 2010
I just received word that Texas A&M University recently dedicated its first two architect-designed buildings, physics buildings named for university benefactors…

Taco Tour

Written by | Published January 21, 2010
When my son and daughter-in-law returned to Austin for the holidays recently, they had their priorities straight: They planned to…

Rock On

Written by | Published January 20, 2010
Check out Dale Weisman's feature on rock hunting in the February issue. A lifelong rockhound, Dale logged hundreds of miles…

Urban daddy comes to Texas

Written by | Published January 19, 2010
A few years ago, a colleague turned me on to an online newsletter called "Urban Daddy"--an irreverent,  intelligently written…
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