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Talk to TH: June 2013

April TH

“Get ready for the greatest show on earth!”

 —REBECCA McNAIR, TH Facebook Fan


Flower Power

I had to tell you how wonderful it was to receive my April issue. It was so joyous (it was still winter in Maine at the time) that I had to call my sister, who gifts me a subscription each year. I have used TH many times to teach people here in northern Maine that Texas is not at all a desert, but a true delight.


Nasher Spirit

Thank you for Barbara Rodriguez’s and Will van Overbeek’s lovely article and photos on Dallas’ Nasher Sculpture Center [March]. I was an art-history graduate student when I first discovered the Nasher in 2002. I was intrigued by the beautiful outside before entering. Mr. Nasher was at the front door, greeting everyone as if it were his own home; in many ways, it was.

He escorted me through parts of the building, pointing out architectural de-tails, and told tales of how some of the sculptors came to place their art objects, how the sites were dug up, and what visual considerations were made at the time.
He was delighted with this adventure of his, and he passed along that delight to me as he made sure I got
just the right photograph with my new digital camera.

His personal hospitality led me to write him a thank-you note and send him some of the photographs that I had taken. In re-turn, he sent me a personal thank-you note.

Although he and his wife are now deceased, it is encouraging
to see this beautiful spread in Texas Highways, and I hope others who take the time to stop there receive the spirit in which the Nashers shared their love of sculpture with the rest of us.

CATHERINE FOLEY, PH.D., Taylor Lake Village


TH Facebook fans respond to our recent coverage of St. Mary’s painted church in High Hill with their own recommendations for churches worth traveling to see. (Be sure to check ahead for details on access.)

St. Louis Catholic Church in Castroville is a beautiful church worth a visit.



St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Windthorst, and St. Boniface Catholic Church in Scotland, both in Archer County.


St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica in Beaumont—not only gorgeous, but one of only a few in Texas.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Umbarger in the Texas Panhandle. The church frescos and paintings were done by Italian POWs who were being held near Hereford during WWII.


Oslo Lutheran Church (18 miles northwest of Gruver) in northwest Hansford County.


St. Francis on the Brazos in Waco.


All of the painted churches in Texas are worth a visit.




Now Brewing in San Saba

Bar-D BrewHouse in San Saba is wonderful. Owners Larry and Jerilyn Davis opened the brewery and restaurant two years ago. The beer is very good, the decor is rustic, and the service is friendly. Besides delicious sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers, there are Friday and Saturday all-you-can-eat specials. We like the Brew Sampler (with nine, 4-oz. samples); it is fun and a great opportunity to choose a favorite brew. Did I mention Jerilyn’s homemade pies and cakes? They don’t last for long, as the locals are on watch for them.


Bar-D Brewhouse is at 213 N. High; 325/372-6100.



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