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Fritz Hanselmann

A common thread runs among this year’s group of Extraordinary Texans: Each of them has pursued a dream, and each has tapped various sources of inspiration and creativity—including the great state of Texas itself. We hope these dreamers and doers will inspire you to dream big and to live as an extraordinary Texan yourself.

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A ruby-throated hummingbird zips around a mangrove forest in the Yucatán at the southern tip of the Gulf of Mexico, tanking up on nectar and insects for its journey north. Suddenly, on a spring evening at dusk, it launches into the sky and flies over open seas with a mixed flock of vireos, warblers, and buntings. Riding tailwinds, they flap nonstop through the night and the next morning until they land, exhausted, on the Texas coast.

Highly regarded for his weathercasting on TV, beloved meteorologist Harold Taft also kept long-haul truckers on the nation’s highways alert at night, as they listened to him on Fort Worth’s clear-channel WBAP-AM radio.

The old saying goes, If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes. Lone Star weather might be unreliable, but not so the legendary Dallas-Fort Worth meteorologist Harold Taft.

Published in People
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