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Looking to put an little extra love in that card? Consider sending your sweetheart a valentine postmarked and stamped from Valentine (Texas, that is). More than a dozen post offices across the United States - including Valentine, Texas - offer special postmarks for the lovely occasion, to help impress your loved ones. This special touch is easy as pie to achieve, and the effort could yield priceless benefits.

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Every February, thousands of Valentine cards from more than 20 countries pour into the Chihuahuan Desert town of Valentine. Here, in a small adobe post office, postmaster Maria Carrasco and one helper hand-stamp each card with a special Valentine’s Day postmark. The cancellation features a new design every year. The quiet town of 185 residents appears untouched by this once-a-year buzz around the post office. Maria says that the first part of February is “the best time of the year, despite the stacks of mail.”

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