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Merge: January 2015

FC TXHWYS DEC14San Antonio is a great destination, but my favorite destination in this wonderful state is wherever I am at the moment! Some places may be better than others, but here in Texas, nothing disappoints.


With These Hands

In the story about Aermotor Windmills [November], the pictured hands are those of a working man. There aren’t too many windmill repairmen left. If the windmill was broken, we had to haul water to the cattle. My dad always said, “Every rancher needs a windmill and an Angus bull.” If you’re not getting the bull out of the neighbor’s pasture, you’re fixing the windmill.


Love for Luckenbach

When I moved to Texas in 1992, I was bombarded by people telling me that you haven’t been to Texas until you’ve been to Big Bend and Luckenbach. Of course, they were right, and I’ve been to both many times since. To see your Top 40 without Luckenbach … Well, I guess there are a lot of people voting who’ve never been to Texas!


EDITOR’S NOTE: We have an addition to our November coverage of the Broken Spoke’s 50th anniversary: In 1977, the Texas Senate passed a resolution honoring the original proprietors of the legendary Austin honkytonk: James White, who still runs the Spoke today, and his stepdad Joe Baland, who passed away in 1990.

Also, our December story about the La Belle shipwreck exhibit at the Bullock Texas State History Museum should have noted the important role of the Texas A&M University Conservation Research Laboratory, which worked to clean and preserve La Belle’s hull and shipwreck artifacts for scholarly study and public display.

Our favorite social media of the month...

On Collins’ donation of Alamo artifacts: Thank you Phil Collins! That’s a Class Act! I think I can say: The State of Texas thanks you too!

Bob Severance, San Antonio

Getting a full-page image published in Texas Highways Jan. 2015 “Rear View”: Everybody go buy one! #cherryonthetop@timtime

[Tim Burdick Photo]


Readers Recommend

The Settles Satisfies

I like old hotels and enjoyed the Texas Highways article [August 2013] about the restoration of the Hotel Settles in Big Spring. Trusting your magazine, my sidekicks and I drove up from San Angelo to have a look. We found a splendid restoration and an inviting grill. The service was charming and the food excellent. Most agreeable!

                                                                               JOHN F. VAUGHAN, San Angelo

The 65-room Hotel Settles is at 200 E. Third St. in Big Spring. The Settles Grill opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday-Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. The Pharmacy Bar & Parlor opens at 4 p.m. daily. Call 432/267-7500.

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