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15 FaceCar

On a sunny day last May, the bustle of traffic along Houston’s Allen Parkway momentarily slowed to a crawl comprised of fancifully decorated cars, costumed unicyclists, and lawn mower-driving artists.


Can a car covered with plastic fruit be called a classic? Jackie Harris’ Fruitmobile was one of 11 wildly decorated vehicles in The Orange Show’s original “Road Show” parade in 1986, and the car is still going strong.

A giant, high-heeled shoe—shiny, cherry red, and big enough to crae the foot of an Olympian goddess—glides past the towering glass-and-metal skyscrapers of downtown Houston, and is greeted by thousands of cheering fans. Not far behind rolls a 1981 Honda Civic covered with hundreds of tropical-fish photos interspersed with a rubber chicken, 40 pounds of aquarium gravel, 616 pennies, hot-tub tiles, and a plaster ballerina. Ten thousand wind-bottle corks, glued in dense clusters to every visible surface of an old pickup truck, float by moments later.

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