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A cacher at the 2013 Texas Challenge in Port Aransas finds treasure among palm fronds on West Cotter Avenue. The 2014 event takes place in Bastrop. (Photos by Michael Amador)

If my husband, John, buys a gadget, he’s going to use it. Trust me. All the more if the gadget has to do with the outdoors. When the first GPSr (global position system receiver) device entered our home in 2006, I admit that I eyed the gizmo with skepticism, wondering if it would add to general travel claptrap. But the device won me over the first time we used it as a family. On a chilly December vacation to snowy Minnesota, John proposed an outdoor geocaching treasure hunt along a nature trail near his sister’s home. Of course the adults were game. But, the techno-intrigue even pried my sister-in-law’s teenage boys away from various screens and all-day vacation slumber. Our Texas girls—who don’t exactly cotton to cold weather—hiked for more than an hour deciphering clues on the GPS and uncovering the caches with their cousins.


The January 2014 issue includes Andrea Abel’s feature on the popular sport of geocaching. Below find more tips from Andrea on pursuing your own high-tech treasure hunt.

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