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Merge: September 2013







Rounding Out the Story

I particularly enjoyed Ramona Flume’s piece on Round Top in the August issue. I was especially pleased to see that Flume gave Ima Hogg, Faith Bybee, and Hazel Ledbetter credit for their contributions
to Round Top’s cultural life.

Flume wrote, “In the late 1960s, Hogg donated a 19th-Century barn … to serve as the performance space … .” The barn was actually part of a much larger donation, the 180-acre Winedale Historical Center, including four historic houses and two barns, which Miss Hogg gave to the University of Texas at Austin in 1965 to be used as a center for the study of Texas history and an innovative classroom for the university. Two of the houses were furnished with Miss Hogg’s outstanding collection of 19th-Century Texas furniture. A selection of that furniture will be exhibited at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin through October 6 


 Amazing Cityscape

Regarding “Most Amazing Vistas” (see page 56): In 1995, I flew from Amsterdam to Houston with my bicycle. It took me a while to find a safe passage to my hotel. Jetlagged, I cycled along, a little nervous for my first American journey.

Suddenly, downtown Houston appeared in the distance. I had never seen a building higher than 15 floors, and there was this marvelous concentration of towering skyscrapers. I stopped and stood in awe as traffic sped past. I later saw the most exciting natural landscapes in Texas, but I will never forget my first glimpse of that fantastic Houston cityscape!

PAUL SLEEBE, TH Facebook Fan


 Readers Recommend

Are You RV-ing?

We are full-time RV’ers, and enjoyed a week in Mathis at the laid-back Wilderness Lakes RV Resort, which offers many hiking trails and all the “healthy” ice cream you can eat for $2 on occasion. We then stopped at Canyon Trail RV Resort in San Marcos for three days and enjoyed the area as much as we have anywhere. There are hundreds of interesting sights, little towns (like Wimberley), great restaurants, lots of hiking trails, and maximum shopping opportunities at two high-end outlet malls.


 Our Favorite Social Media of the Month...

TH is a great magazine—been subscribing since 1976. Good pictures, good stories; look forward to
it every month.

Kenneth Keath

I loved the July feature on FoxFire Cabins. We stayed there for a weekend a couple of summers ago and would love to go back. It has a special place in our hearts!

Keely McVeigh


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