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HummerBird Celebration

Coinciding with the ruby-throated hummingbirds’ fall migration, Rockport-Fulton’s 28th annual event features birding tours, speakers, vendors, and artists.

Daytripper: Doubling the Fun in Rockport-Fulton

While the bayfront community of Rockport-Fulton is actually two separate towns, it packs a coastal-combo punch unlike any other. And…

Texas Top 40 No. 6, Rockport-Fulton

The barrier islands that shelter Aransas Bay from the Gulf of Mexico also buffet the bayside community of Rockport-Fulton from…

Come Around

The Native Americans figured it out first, as far as we know. On the shores of Aransas Bay, the Copanes…

2014 Fulton Oysterfest

Oysters thrive in the brackish waters of Aransas Bay, and the people of Aransas Bay thrive on oysters.

Texas Top 40 Travel Destinations

Last fall, we asked Texas Highways readers to share their favorite places in the state for our Texas Top-40 Travel…

Whirring Dervishes: Hummingbirds

Texas is well known for its large concentrations of birds, butterflies, Mexican free-tailed bats, and more, and a lot of…
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