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Cirque Éloize: Saloon

America is expanding. The railroad is stretching westward to lands of untold promise. In the middle of the desert, a town comes to life. The Saloon doors swing open to reveal a motley cast of individuals, each with a tale to tell. In Cirque Éloize's Saloon, the infectious energy of folk music and strains of fiddle set the tone for an acrobatic comedy that sweeps spectators away in a mad flurry.Over the past 24 years, Cirque Éloize has travelled the planet with its 11 shows and hundreds of special events. Some 3 million people in 50 countries have been charmed by the originality, intimacy, energy, and poetry of its creations. From the Magdalen Islands, Éloize is an Acadian word meaning heat lightning. It captures the essence of Cirque Éloize: heat and energy.


March 29-30


The Long Center for the Performing Arts AUSTIN, Texas

More Information:

Phone: 512-474-5664


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