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"The Little Theater's Production of Hamlet"

A sophisticated New York director with a successful Off-Broadway season under her belt travels to West Virginia to direct Hamlet under the auspices of a grant for "under served regions." Only six people show up to audition: 23-year-old Mona who has always dreamed of playing Ophelia, a coal truck driver whose single desire is Mona, two waitresses in their 40s who have never been stage struck, 74-year-old Hattie Johnson who has spearheaded the effort, and the bank vice president who has been ordered to appear. Gathering in Hattie's Restaurant, this group perpetrates the most harrowing production of Shakespeare ever mounted. Mishaps ladle hilarity on top of sincere attempts to tailor Hamlet to this remarkable cast.


April 27-29, May 4-6


Center for the Arts & Sciences CLUTE, Texas

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Phone: 979-265-7661


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