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Crossing Bridges

One of many reasons that I like to take car trips with my son is that they never fail to…

Into the Light

I have wondered many times what it is about far West Texas that I find both uplifting and settling. Miles…

Staycation Elation

I like to believe that my mother invented the staycation. With a twist.

Road Rules

Autumn is my favorite season for a roadtrip. Obviously, cooler weather factors into my affection. Also, smaller crowds make for…

Have Pet, Will Travel

There are all sorts of travel experiences, each of which require different sorts of flexibility for success. There’s travel with…

Memories Pack Light

Babs Rodriguez unpacks a lifetime of travel memories. Here's the full story from the March 2014 issue of Texas Highways.

The Sound of Silence

I grew up in a family devoted to road-trips, but they were not just a vacation thing. Weekends often found…

Good Humor Bar

In the November issue of Texas Highways, Babs Rodriguez remembers awkward childhood visits to Grandmother. Here’s the full story.  

Go West!

We're excited about the February issue of Texas Highways (which is in the mail). This issue includes feature articles about…
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