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18 LuisThe eyes of five-year-old Luis Jiménez filled with wonder the day in 1945 he stood before the dramatic works of los tres grandes muralistas—Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros—at Mexico City’s Museo de Bellas Artes.


The log cabin law office at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville offers a glimpse into Houston's 19th-Century work environment.

After crossing the Red River into Texas in December of 1832, Sam Houston’s first stop was the city of Nacogdoches, the gateway to Mexican territory and home to some of the region’s most influential residents.

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Mardi Gras—“Fat Tuesday” in French, celebrates the final day of indulgence before Lent. In the United States, the most famous Mardi Gras fetes occur in New Orleans, but many Texas towns and cities get into the Mardi Gras spirit, as well–especially in Southeast Texas, where influences from Louisiana abound.

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In 1944, 'Sailor Tex' Peacock, aka Dog Tag No. 576-96-32, edited The Alert, the weekly newspaper of the Kingsville Naval Auxiliary Air Station. (Photo courtesy of Howard Peacock)

The National Museum of the Pacific War in this vibrant and historic town claims to be “the only one of its kind in America” –– quite possibly the world –– “telling the entire story of the war in the Pacific.”

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