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Web Extra: Fort Worth's Culinary Scene

In the August 2013 issue of Texas Highways, writer Margaret Shakespeare explores Fort Worth’s culinary scene, which as evolved in recent years—like the dining scene in other major cities—to focus more on locally sourced ingredients and global influences. Fort Worth, once (and still!) a great place to find high-quality steaks—now offers diners a range of dining options.

I can vouch for such spots as Zambrano Wine Bar (downtown, near Sundance Square, with an intimate ambiance and great deals on wines by the glass), Kinkaid’s (classic greasy-spoon burgers in a former mercantile), Campisi’s (a north Texas Italian chain that started in 1946 and serves great pizza), Chadra Mezze and Grill (I loved the Shaik Al Mehshe ($12, a spicy eggplant dish with ground sirloin and tomatoes), the Spiral Diner (tasty vegetarian fare with a hip ambiance), and Lili’s Bistro (try this Magnoia Avenue spot for topnotch chicken-salad, terrific soups, and salads—like the bulghur-and-berries combo—that prove the whole is more than a sum of its parts).

Next time I visit Fort Worth, I’ll spend some time on the Fort Worth CVB’s website, which carries a story about eating in Fort Worth like a local, along with dozens of other intriguing options.

Where do you like to eat in Fort Worth?

—Lori Moffatt

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