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Dorothy Huang

Don’t eat this,” says cookbook author, culinary tour guide, and teacher Dorothy Huang, laughing as she shows a dried red pepper to her cooking class in Austin. Several of the people gathered around the double cooktop, where at least four burners flame at once, nod knowingly as she drops several of the peppers into a hot wok.

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Fritz Hanselmann

A common thread runs among this year’s group of Extraordinary Texans: Each of them has pursued a dream, and each has tapped various sources of inspiration and creativity—including the great state of Texas itself. We hope these dreamers and doers will inspire you to dream big and to live as an extraordinary Texan yourself.

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Classic dim sum from Ocean Palace restaurant. (Photo by J. Griffis Smith)

If the essence of a culture can be discovered through its food, no ethnic cuisine fits this notion better than Chinese. The consummate guide to all flavors Chinese—at least in Texas—is Dorothy Huang, who has hosted food tours of Houston’s Chinatown, along with her legendary cooking classes, for more than 35 years.

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