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Marinated Ham

Serves 20 to 30.


French Chef Michel Bernard Platz, co-owner with Jose Sanabria of Out of Flower cooking school and specialty catering in Dallas,…

Wanda's Chicken en Mole Poblano

Restaurateur Mariano Martinez, owner of Mariano's Mexican Cuisine in Dallas and Arlington, learned Mexican food traditions from his grandmother, Gabina…

Mango - Jalapeño Ice

Serves 2 to 3    

Café Annie's Pickled Jalapeño Salsa

Chef Robert Del Grande suggests the piquant flavor of a pickled jalapeño salsa to set off the taste of grilled…

Pan de Campo (Camp Bread)

Pan de campo (camp bread), long a favorite of cowboys in South Texas, has become a trademark of outdoor chef…

Scottish Shortbread

(There are a variety of "authentic" shortbread recipes. This one, shared by a true Scot, has always worked well for…
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