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Make a Splash with These 7 Quintessential Texas Rope Swings

Take the plunge at Blue Hole in Wimberley, the San Marcos River, Bandera City Park and more
Written by Pam LeBlanc. Photographs by Kenny Braun and Erich Schlegel.

Swing into Summer

 When Mother Nature doles up a summer afternoon so hot you need oven mitts to handle the steering wheel of your car, smart Texans head to the nearest swimming hole.

There, beneath the lacy umbrella of a towering cypress or oak, you kick off your shoes, scramble up a tree trunk, reach for a rope as thick as your arm, and launch yourself high over a spring-fed lake or river. For a second or two you hover in mid-air, anticipating a moment you’ve been craving since the sun rose that morning. And then you feel it—the shock of hot to cold and dry to wet. Click the image above to continue reading.

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