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Green jays live year-round at the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, which is home to Texas’ last remaining stand of original Sabal palm forest. Click on the image for a peek at the sanctuary's live bird cam. (Photo © Larry Ditto)

To see south Texas in its natural state and how the Rio Grande Valley looked before it was cut into farms and cities, you’ve got to travel to the state’s southernmost tip. Here, on the bank of the once-mighty river, you’ll find the last remaining stand of original Texas Sabal palm trees, one of only two palm species native to Texas.

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Moja, a Western lowland gorilla, takes a contemplative moment. Photo by Hugh Lieck

The picturesque, covered entrance on Ringgold Street in Brownsville gives little hint of the lush, subtropical expanse inside, or the more than 1,600 animals that call this special enclave home. Welcome to the 31-acre Gladys Porter Zoo, completely planned, built, and stocked by the Earl C. Sams Foundation, and then donated to the City of Brownsville in 1971.


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